A.C. Total Cleaning Services

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About Us

We are a professional team of cleaners with a focus on high-quality services, respecting all the health standards in our field.

When it comes to our customers, we focus on quality, not on quantity.

Our mission is for all the customers to be satisfied.


We offer a wide range of cleaning services, from private houses and tenant assemblies to businesses such as hotels, offices, shops and restaurants.

Our special services consist of windows, stairs and solar panels, as well as snow removal. We offer those as separate services or bundled with our general cleaning offer, depending on your needs.


  • house icon, cleaning houses, private buildingHomes
  • apartment cleaning, private cleaning, friendlyApartments


  • hotel cleaning, business cleaning, professional, hotelsHotels
  • restaurant cleaning, food, professional cleaningRestaurants
  • shop cleaning, butique, cleaning, professional cleaning of shopsShops
  • offices cleaning, professional buildings, businesses, small offices, medium offices, large officesOffices


  • solar panels cleaning, sky clean, clear sun, light, energy, renewable energySolar Panels
  • snow removal, help, snow cleaning, winter cleanSnow Removal
  • windows cleaning, inside and outside cleaning, crystal clearWindows
  • stairs cleaning, special cleaning, common stairs, inside and outsideStairs
windows cleaner, wiper, clean, green, windows, light


When it comes to our prices we like to believe that we have the best deals, as we start from 5dkk/m2.

Those are the starting prices, they may vary depending on the place's condition, type of windows, and any special service there may be required.

We offer receipt with every cleaning we do, so you will always know what you're paying for.

Windows Prices

Inside from 60dkk window, simple windows, easy to clean, cleaning windows Inside and Outside from 100dkk
Inside from 80dkk multiple glass pieces window frame, windows, frame, more details Inside and Outside from 150dkk


All the prices are negotiable, depending on how often you need our services.

For other special services please contact us regarding the price.

Extra Info

For any complain please contact us in maximum 24 hours after the cleaning has been done.

For any change in the schedule regarding the cleaning day, please contact us 2 to 3 days in ahead.